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The Olive Orchard by Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Our Story

What brewed as a dream over a decade ago has finally come to reality! We bring you a delightful new way to enjoy the myriad of health benefits associated with olive leaves, in the form of our Super Teas – Oleaf Herbal Olive Teas. We have also introduced our super honey, Olive Orchards Honey.


Oleaf Herbal began its journey with family-owned farms in the state of Rajasthan, India. As we progressed, we realized that the leaves of these beautiful trees, which anciently-held symbols of abundance and peace, have a whole slew of health benefits to offer too.


When we learned of all these benefits, we wanted to bring them to you, in the most convenient form possible! Oleaf Herbal was born.


We’ve brought you the perfect teas with carefully picked leaves to ensure rich goodness in every cup. We’ve added flavours like lemongrass, basil and mint to give you a tantalising range to choose from. Not only this, but these herbs also bring their own benefits to each tea! Added goodness, sure, why not? There’s no artificial colours or flavours added. The tea is suitable for vegetarians.


We strive to give back to the community and collaborate with our farming community to bring you these amazing olive teas and honey! We’ve also embarked on a  journey to create employment for women farmers.



Mr Gopal Chandak

A commerce graduate and an accomplished entrepreneur, our founder, Mr Gopal Chandak has been a pioneer in the textile business. He is very well reputed for the quality of fabrics supplied, the timely delivery and his impeccable organizing skills which have made the Rajgopal Group one of the most trusted fabric suppliers across the World.

With over three decades of experience, he decided to bring about a change in society by empowering local farmers in Bikaner, Rajasthan. His vision is to generate large scale employment and bring the medicinal benefits of Indian herbs to the world. With the intent of making the world a healthier place, the journey of Oleaf began.

What started out as just another olive farm in the countryside has now turned into a team of hard-working individuals who share the same vision. The olive farming community in Rajasthan is now heavily involved in our success!

He has a vision for his olive plantation, to create a Supertea and other amazing olive-based products! 

With farming at the forefront, he has ambitious plans of creating a health-based product line and reinforce India’s presence globally.

Oleaf Herbal – Spreading the goodness of Olive to the world!



Mr Yuval Chen

An agronomist since 1992, Yuval is an expert in nurseries, soil management, plantation management, and project implementations. With the experience of olive plantations in over 10 countries, he specializes in introducing new crops to different climatic zones.

Yuval has played a key role in the initial and ongoing plantations of olive in India since its inception and is a key player in Oleaf’s journey. Our olive plants continue to grow under his expertise and invaluable guidance.

He says, “Oleaf is dedicated towards the growth and development of advanced olive oil and olive tea production with a state of the art tea factory positioned at Dantaur, Rajasthan and have a strong vision of launching various other olive-based healthy products. They have ensured using sustainable farming techniques for their olive plants, which minimize agriculture’s footprint in the area. Moreover, it’s great that they create jobs for so many rural men and women in the process. They have my full support.”

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